Hamid Hejazi - Over and In Founder
Hamid Hejazi
Founder of Over & In

About Us…

Over & In is an organisation that works closely with tennis coaches providing a platform for them to do their jobs to the best of their ability as well as offering advice, training and ongoing support. We manage all their off court needs allowing them to provide quality on court coaching to all the tennis clubs, schools, hotels and private homes that we work with.

We take great pride in quality control and ensuing the clubs within our network are happy with the coaching being delivered. Working closely with all the tennis clubs within our network to ensure they are happy with the coaching provided. Unlike a lot of coaching organisations we do more than just coach. We try to go that extra mile doing what we can to assist clubs to meet their own individual goals whether that’s to grow membership, attract a higher level of player of get more children playing the game.

Over the years we have worked closely with clubs to help them achieve the LTA club mark status as well as seeing some club memberships double in size. 99 times out of a 100 we are also able to ensure coaching doesn’t get cancelled if a coach is sick or unavailable. Within our coaching team we do all we can to provide cover so that coaching runs smoothly and NEVER falls in the hands of club committee members to deal with!

We are currently based in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire working with 12 coaches, 27 clubs, 14 schools, 2 hotels and 6 private homes. We want both clubs and coaches to recognise the many benefits from working with us and our long term goal is to be recognised across the UK.

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