Project Description

Hamid has worked with players of all ages and abilities including several who have competed on the world stage and at Wimbledon under his tuition.

A late comer to the sport Hamid played football to a national level up to the age of 12 and only picked up tennis as a teenager. By 18 he was ranked inside the top 10 in the UK and the worlds top 300.

He left school at 15 pursuing a career as a professional player competing around the world but soon realised just how good you need to be to reach the very top of the game and decided the next best thig was coaching. At 20 he had his first job and has gone on to coach over 15 internationally ranked boys, girls, men and women all of whom have been some of the best in the country for their respective age groups.

Now the director of Over & In he is very passionate about passing on his knowledge to any one who wants to learn the sport he loves and hopes he can have a positive impact on the number of people who play the game!