About Over&In Football Coaching

Over&In Football was created with one goal in mind: to change the way grassroots football coaching is delivered across the country.

At the lowest level of the game, where everybody kicks their first ball and enrols in mini-soccer and colt clubs, there are no professional coaches.

Only those children that show talent are then selected for academies and have the option to pay for a higher level of training. At Over&In, we have a mission to change that by working directly with clubs and managers to improve the overall development of young footballers across the country so that a higher level of coaching is available to all.

We aim to do this by recruiting enthusiastic, highly skilled and experienced coaches to bridge the gap between recreational football and the academies. Employing not just good coaches, but good people is key to our success as these create the perfect role models and offer genuine care and passion when delivering sessions. When this is combined with our unique coaching philosophy, the potential of all young players can be realised and the bar on the squads strategic gameplay and overall capability can be raised.

As well as wanting to improve the overall level of grassroots football we are also in a privileged position to help develop well-rounded individuals, demonstrating good sportsmanship, discipline, respect and humility whilst trying to improve and compete as best you can. 

If you are part of a club or team, an individual needing some 1:1 specialist coaching or a school looking for provision, contact us via [email protected] and we can start working right away.

Please have a look at the ‘What We Offer’ link to find out more about the full scope of our work. 

Head of Over & In Football


” Our two boys have been training with Over&In football coaching for the past 5 years. Over&In have not only developed their footballing skills, but also taught them how to behave as sports people, treating their coach’s, fellow player & opponents with respect whether they win or lose. Football coaching with over & in is the highlight of their week., and it is always a pleasure to chat to Ben, Will, Jake, Joe & the other coach’s. We cannot recommend them highly enough. “

~ Andy & Anna, Trumpington