Football Academy

We are extremely proud to announce our very own Academy set up has been launched!

About the Over&In Academy

The Over&In Academy creates a pathway for grassroots players into academy set-ups, bypassing the typical training centres that are created by professional clubs to give the impression of an academy environment. We have many parents come to us to seek advice when their child is accepted into what they think is an academy set up with a professional club, but soon realise that the lack of quality and consistency of coaching, and lack of ambition from the clubs, leads them to believe that they are not in the environment in which they originally thought or were sold.

Based on feedback from customers, parents, players & other professional clubs in the game, we believe our academy creates the best environment in the region for players to develop and reach their potential. Our Academy is a platform for each player to become the best they can be. Whether that’s to stay with us and develop, or through our close knit contacts in the footballing world, we can move players on to EJA/ semi-professional clubs, or even give players the opportunity to trial at a professional clubs top-level academy, depending on what we feel is right for each individual.

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Peterborough United are one club who we have extremely strong links with as they approached us to be their head scouts for the Cambridgeshire area. Being their head scout means that we can have a direct part to play in giving our players opportunities and experiences at the club.

This connection doesn’t mean we are solely working with Peterborough United, but another step to building positive relationships with professional and semi-professional clubs in our radius.

Our long-term vision for the Over&In Academy is to replicate this pathway across the county and then country to help as many young players reach their potential as possible. On top of this we also have a vision to create a coaching/playing scholarship as an accessible pathway into a sporting career, for players that are still with us by the time they reach under 17 level.

We have strong links with many clubs… 

Rather than being linked solely with one particular club, we have strong links & relationships with many clubs in the area, so we can genuinely give the best advice to each player when stuck in a predicament about their next steps, whether that be to stay with us for the foreseeable future, or to move on and take an opportunity that has arisen for them by being part of the Over&In Academy.


With last season being our first year we are starting with fewer squads to ensure the quality of our service remains high. We will have 3 squads:

  • U9/10
  • U11/12
  • U13

Each squad will have a coach and assistant coach and as each season passes we will filter in a new U9s so eventually we have sole age groups from U9-U16.

Each Academy squad has 2 one-hour training sessions per week, and we play matches against other academy set ups in Half Terms, so players will continue to play with their local teams as well as being part of our set up. 

Each player will receive an Over&In Academy kit if accepted. Regardless if any opportunities arise for players to move on and progress in the footballing world, players will undoubtedly improve as footballers and as people from our first-class coaching service.

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When are trials held?

Trials are held at the end of each season to filter into squads for the following season. Due to the season finishing late, trials for 2021/22 will be held at the beginning of August.

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For more information please contact Ben.
E: [email protected]

Shadow Academy

We have also created a shadow academy.

This is effectively a second tier filled with a pool of players that have the potential to reach the academy squads but just fall short of the current standard.

By creating a shadow academy this allows the players to continue to receive Over&In coaching with the possibility of making that step up.

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