One-to-One Coaching

If our open development group coaching sessions aren’t enough we offer individual 1:1 private tuition to those children who are really striving to further their footballing ability or master a particular football element.

In a pre-meeting before the session begins we listen to ensure we’re all have a common understanding about the objective of the session.

Whether it’s a one off or a series of sessions, our individual tuition has become increasingly popular and is guaranteed to get results.

Making sure we understand the needs of the player before the sessions start, the 1-1 sessions are the most effective way of making long lasting results within a short space of time.

Private lessons allow the coach to build a relationship with the player where they can focus on the smallest of details, and deliver into processes that just aren’t possible in a group session.

Please pay for 1:1 coaching at the link below, you will need to confirm dates and times with your coach

Contact [email protected] to enquire now coaching confirmed? pay here

Since starting to work with Ben at 14 years old, Janos has managed to progress his development at Peterborough United by reaching the u18 squad at just16 years old, being one of a few in his age group to be offered a 2 year scholarship, represented his country, Hungary at u16, u18 and u19 level and, at just 17 years old has recently signed his very first professional contract.