Weekly Group Coaching

In a group you will be in a class of people who are of a similar age and/or ability. They are aimed to develop the appropriate skills of the players in the group whilst being social and fun. The main learning points will revolve around the tactics of tennis along with some technique and basic fitness. There will also be some technical coaching which is appropriate to the whole class but there will not be any individual technical coaching given. That is where 1-1 coaching is highly recommended.

Interaction, Inclusion and FUN FUN FUN is what sport at a young age is all about. We want our mini tennis groups to be a learning environment where children want to come back week after week. They will develop an understanding of all the basic shots, learn different tennis movements and improve in areas such as balance and coordination. The coaching blocks are between 10 and 14 weeks long running alongside a typical school term.
Is a fantastic way to develop your skills whatever your level. Based more around understanding the tactics of the game group coaching will teach you an all-round understanding of tennis. We have classes for all levels but beginner and development players are our main audience, however don’t let this put off you elite players. We teach some of the counties best and even some who have gone on to compete at Wimbledon! The coaching blocks are between 10 and 14 weeks long running alongside a typical school term.

We have seen 100’s of children and adults attend our group coaching and what we are most proud of is our retention rates.  We clearly do something that keeps people coming back and in doing so have create so many great environments to learn tennis across our club network.

For simplicity we run our junior classes by age and our adults by 3 basic levels (beginner/rusty, intermediate, advanced)

If you are unsure what group is right for you or you’d like to see a group added to your clubs schedule please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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