What is BTM?

BTM is British Tennis Membership.

It’s totally free to register (instructions below) and will give you a unique membership number.
Whether you’re a junior or adult see below instructions.

Join British Tennis for FREE as a JUNIOR or ADULT

Your unique membership number will help you get discounts off Over & In coaching all year round!

Click the relevant link below and just add Over&In Ltd as your LTA registered venue.

If you require any assistance with this please call us and ask for Hamid.
He will talk you thorough it or do it for you with your permission.

This membership is FREE, you do not need to pay any money or provide any card details.

Joining BTM achieves 3 main objectives:


It allows us to give you a one off number unique to you that we can not create our end.


It shows the governing body the participation we have going on. This is important because we don’t engage in much of what the LTA does (because we do grass roots tennis better) but we would like them to see just how many people are playing tennis and engaging with us.


You will go into a ballot to be able to get Wimbledon tickets at face value if drawn out of a hat. This event will be done in public and fair to everyone involved. No one working for Over & In will be allowed in this ballot.

Already a member of British Tennis?

Please login in here https://www.lta.org.uk/member/login/ and add Over&In Ltd as one of your places to play in your profile and you too will benefit from cheaper coaching fees.

If you do not currently have coaching with us it would still be greatly appreciated if you’d add us as a place to play. If nothing else you will go into our Wimbledon ballot and increase your chances of Wimbledon tickets each year!