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We work with a field of coaches across both Tennis & Football coaching.
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Hamid Hejazi

Hamid is the founder of Over & In and has been coaching full time since 1999. He started his career working at 2 of the country’s leading high performance centres and was therefore very fortunate to work alongside many great coaches and this also meant at a young age he was working with many top national players. In his first 4 years of coaching he had coached multiple age group national champions, juniors who compete on the world stage including several who played at Junior Wimbledon.

Hamid then moved to Cambridge where he became the Head Coach at Great Shelford Tennis Club (GSTC) and Over & In began. He wanted a new life with the dream to one day live in Cambridge and that meant starting all over. GSTC has now become a huge part of his life and a club that will always be close to his heart. While he was growing the company he has always kept his passion for working with elite players including coaching players such as David Rice (ATP ranking of 287) on the outdoor village rec courts of GSTC.

Now heading up the Hills Road Program, Hamid is working with some of Cambridgeshires best. Harry Wendelken (HW) Yujiro Onuma (YO) Jo Garland (JG) and Charlie Broom (CB). In the past year all 4 players have achieved career high rankings with JG and HW both winning their first professional 25K titles and YO achieving an ATP ranking at the age of 18. HW, JG, CB are all hoping to compete at Wimbledon in 2023.

‘I enjoy my work immensely! I work with an amazing team of people who are all fantastic and highly skilled at what they do. I think tennis is the best sport in the world and take great pride in knowing so many kids benefit from the many great things playing competitive tennis brings. Seeing the players I work with succeed is like seeing my family do well. They become a part of your life and it no longer feels like work but my passion and joy. For that I feel very lucky!’ HH

Matthew Sanders

Our “Head of coaching”, Matt is one of those coaches who delivers.

He isn’t as vocal or lively as some but his knowledge and understanding of teaching tennis is second to none and this is highlighted non more so than in the big improvements so many of his pupils make.

With a 2:1 degree from Durham and a wealth of sporting achievements Matt has all the attributes to become a very successful tennis coach in the future

From: £40 p/h

Oliver Halliwell

Olly has a great work ethic, is liked by everyone and for someone in his early 20’s coaches like a veteran. He started with us as an assistant coach back in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.

Olly knew from an early age that teaching was his passion and rather than go to uni he decided tennis was the career for him. With all of his qualities there will be many opportunities for Olly but we hope that he will continue to be an Over&In coach for many years to come.

From £35 p/h

Chris Little

Chris has been a professional tennis coach since 2005 and has a wealth of experience working with players at all stages of their respective pathways. He has played a huge part in the development of several national champions, GB representatives, Tennis Europe and Junior ITF standard players.

Chris has also helped numerous older players use tennis as a tool to open up new opportunities in particular achieve an American scholarships where players have gone on to combine their tennis with a university education.

He is the Cambridgeshire Mens County Captain and the Boys 18&U County Captain. Chris’ passion for Cambs tennis is second to non and anyone who knows him will tell you this. A passionate, enthusiastic student of the game and skill acquisition.

In 2017 Chris passed the LTA‘s highest level of performance tennis coaching ‘The Level 5 Master Performance Coach qualification’. This is something very few people can even take due to the entry criteria and the work and commitment required to take this course, let alone pass, shows just what sort of character and coach Chris is. We are extremely happy to have him on the team and his knowledge and expertise is something that will not only benefit the players he works with but also the Over&In team as a whole.

From £40 p/h

Will Ingle

Will is passionate about sport. On court he loves to motivate and encourage players of all ages and all abilities to do their best.

He is enthusiastic, approachable and believes that exercise is not only essential for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind, to build self-discipline and self-belief.

Away from the court he loves supporting Liverpool and watching cricket, football, golf and rugby as well as tennis.

Will is a team player with good communication skills and is reliable, calm and endlessly patient.

From £30 p/h

Will Rogers

Will has been part of the Over & In team since 2020 and his enthusiasm to coaching ensures that his lessons are always fun fulled. His has a great work ethic and an abundance of patience which has yielded positive results when coaching children.

His history in tennis includes being a County Junior Player at Gosling before moving to Hertfordshire where he then played for Codicote as part of the Over & In Team.

From £30 p/h

Ellie Coleman

Ellie played tennis on the Performance Program at Hills Road from the age of 6 to 16. She represented Cambridgeshire throughout the age groups and reached a national level as a junior. She was also a national level Netball player and at 16 made the choice of playing Netball going on to represent The Wasps.

Ellie has recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a 1st class degree in Sports Science and Coaching and was awarded the Tamsin Brenn award that’s given to the student with the highest grade.

It is clear Ellie is a fantastic sports woman who has now chosen to be ‘All In’ with a career in tennis coaching. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and was one of the main reasons we wanted her on our team. We are delighted to welcome Ellie to Over & In.

Ellie says “I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to be part of this coaching team. I want to work with the best players I can as well as the best coaches which I feel this role gives me. I specifically want to make a difference to keeping more girls playing the sport and helping them improve along the way”.

From £35 p/h

Attila Bacso

Attila has been coaching professionally since 2009. He started training on clay courts in Hungary at the age of 6 and fell in love with the craftiness and creativity of the game.

He likes to ensure that the foundations of a players technique and footwork are rock solid and can simplify this for the individuals needs to enable efficient improvements.

Attila has helped several players reach their goals whether these are to be playing tennis at a higher level or just enjoy playing the game more. His work style is to motivate players with positive feedback and correcting mistakes.

Off court, Attila is a big fan of skiing and ice skating along with meditating actively, which he finds tennis a fantastic way to do so.

He is told his lessons are a mixture of hard work and some fun.

From £40 p/h

Alex Wilson

Alex joined the team at the start of 2024 and has been coaching ever since graduating with a degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Brighton.

From Cambridge, Alex has coached Tennis in the city as well as across Europe in Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Alex aims to achieve facilitating the development and growth of all the players at Hills Road whilst also promoting and expanding the Tennis Programme in Buckden.

From £40 p/h

Josh Mills

Josh has been coaching tennis since 2010 and being part of an individual’s tennis journey and helping them develop both as a person and as a player is a big passion of his. In his words, there is no better feeling than watching players you’re working with compete and seeing the improvements on the match court.

During his coaching journey he has coached in Spain, Dubai and at Dukes Meadows in London – a regional development centre where he gained a wealth of experience learning off some of the best coaches, and developing some of the best players of their age groups.

He also enjoy teaching adults, giving them the opportunity to improve all aspects of their game.

From £40 p/h

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